Trying out

Earlier today

I had an idea to make landing pages using chatbots. Finally, as all my ideas do, this one also went into the sink when I discovered that folks at have already done some awesome work on it. They even nailed their Product hunt launch which is kind of amazing.

What it says? 

Just one of the many brilliant examples of conversational UI eliminating old structures like landing pages. There are things I could do better, for example — allow the liberty to actually help user make on landing page demo. And maybe co-host the demo for them using CNAME records.

Conversationlizing is key

It’s important for anything to conversationalize their UI in future. With the way things are going, it is definitely the go-to thing now. I gave Landbot my email almost instantly when it asked and their email list already has around 2000 people which is really amazing.

The key here is the purpose of landing page is to collect emails. Landbot did it pretty well, I must say. More products should enter the bot realm for now, not even if it is really an AI driven bot.

Let’s see how it goes.

(Note to self — keep looking for new rad ideas in conversational UI space).

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