Understanding the interest behind bots


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Chatbots are totally on the rise.

My new article published on Hacker Noon and Tech In Asia  has since been viral gaining thousands of views and discussion on Twitter. I got to make a lot of new friends, some of whom really appreciated my writing. It was a fun exercise discovering a new tech and writing about it. But here’s another side thought — what actually makes chatbots tick and why do we all like them so much.

Any developer or entrepreneur should get excited when these things come into play:

New paradigm shifting tech 

Chatbots, conversational agents, assistants, automation agents, whatever you would like to call them. There are now computer programs that can be powered with superior classification and clustering abilities from Machine Learning and do a lot of complex tasks that humans currently do right now. This means it is going to give companies the opportunity to play with more innovation as they don’t have to keep in mind about the mundane.

When chatbots finally go mainstream, I expect UI engineers protesting their rise. Their main area of expertise is making user interfaces which may or may not exist in the next 10 years.

Opportunity to disrupt any given space 

Whatever space you are looking at — consumer applications, fintech, or communications, direct sales, marketing, to even DevOps — there are apps for that. In 2017, almost every vertical has been explored and there are hardly any blue oceans left in significantly populated niches.

But there are no reigning champions in the chatbot play as yet. There are companies who are building abilities, but as of now, the crown is up for contest. It is like the same paradigm shift that came to web with the

Something that gets customers excited.

Bots are getting customers excited. That is all the more reason for developers and entrepreneurs to jump into the game and cash in on the opportunity. There is obviously some cynicism from people who know better, but it is futile to question if chatbots are not a trending topic.

Magazines, blogs, and celebrities are already using bots via the FB Messenger platform to connect with their fans and I’ve read some stories that Messenger bots can indeed be used to grow traffic on your site. 

Maybe I’ll just make one for my own blog too! That’d be fun.

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