Why all software engineers should learn AI?


One skill that every software engineer should have is the ability to adapt. 

When I was in first year of my college, I was told that PHP is the rage.  By the time I had reached the second year, PHP was already a thing of the past and people were mocking single page applications with jQuery. By the time I was in third year, web apps were becoming kind of obsolete and the industry was going mobile. Trends change in our industry like colors on a chameleon. The reason computer science is the most rocking field of our times is that it hires and trains people that can adapt faster and better than engineers in other disciplines.

Mobile apps won the battle of the application medium back then, but now it is challenged by chatbots and smarter mobile apps that are superpowered by Artificial Intelligence.

The shift is definitely happening. 

AI vs Machine Learning – rising trends in 5 years

I have predicted before that AI and Machine Learning skills will be ubiquitous and normal expectation for all software devs by 2019. It seems that I was wrong and the shift is happening already. Even the simplest commercial applications can be made competitively better with the application of intelligence technology.

With the commoditization of ML, it is getting simpler and simpler every day to build your prototypes that utilize machine learning.

It’s not a fad. It’s an actual superpower to have right now and gives you a tremendous advantage. DO NOT WAIT!

How to start? 

There are a ton of ways to start learning machine learning and AI. Here are my top 5 choices.

  1. Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course. Find it here.
  2. Andreessen-Horowitz AI Playbook. Find it here.
  3. Machine Learning is Fun by Adam Geitgey.  Find it here.
  4. A Gentle Guide to Machine Learning. Find it here 
  5. The movie Her – Not because it’s a resource that is going to teach you anything about neural networks. It just gives you a glimpse of a not so far future, which is for me, inspiring and beautiful.

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