Why I started tech blogging?

Shival Gupta first tech blog

The ship has sailed

Ahoy, ahoy!

Welcome to my very exciting new project — myself. It’s been about 24 years in development and has had a few private betas before, but now I think I’m gearing up for some sort of a production ready version of myself.

Jokes apart, let’s talk about some interesting things fit for a first post. Why this blog exists and why I set up an expensive WordPress account to run this show.

Why start this website? 

I always wanted to start my own personal blog to talk about things that I’m really passionate about. Artificial Intelligence, Application Technology and Entrepreneurship. Working for a large number of projects for the past 10 years (yeah, that’s how far I go), I feel that now I can start a panel where I can democratize the concepts that are just exclusive to a few people in tech. Whether you are an engineer or not, technology affects everyone in 2017.

My goal with this project is to give. As much as I can. As well as I can.

Why do I want to talk about tech? 

I love talking about it. It’s what I do. It’s probably one of the only things that I am good at. And I like to tell stories. Storytelling with technology, understanding how the ecosystem around us works is how I’ve managed to stay curious in this ever changing scenario. Tech runs in my blood now, so much so, that I think about my brain like a neural network.

 What you can expect from this blog?

Bite sized and details pieces of informational content written by yours truly. I will try to walk you down on a long list of things that keep happening in the technology you use (like how Uber calls a cab for you or how you are matched with your potential soulmate on Tinder) and break it down to the simplest language to help you understand.

This blog is my own space and I will try to use it for the thing I’m best at — explaining and understanding technology and maybe help you start up with your next great idea.

So, wish me all the luck! 

This is going to be a great journey. And we’ll talk about a lot of stuff here. I imagine it will all be worth it! Thanks for reading this and make yourself comfortable.

This is surely going to be a fun ride!

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