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install tensorflow on windows

How to install Tensorflow in Windows

Tensorflow is an amazing library that lets you do a lot of Machine Learning and Deep Learning tasks. But it takes an unnecessary longer time to install in a Windows environment. Here’s a quick guide that will speed up your process. Make sure you are on a 64 bit system. Install Python 3.5.2 The version Read more about How to install Tensorflow in Windows[…]

Understanding the interest behind bots

Chatbots are totally on the rise. My new article published on Hacker Noon and Tech In Asia  has since been viral gaining thousands of views and discussion on Twitter. I got to make a lot of new friends, some of whom really appreciated my writing. It was a fun exercise discovering a new tech and writing about Read more about Understanding the interest behind bots[…]

How college students are starting up with AI.

So, today in our little community of Hacker Pack India, I asked a group of college students what questions they are facing as they are starting with AI. Here are the questions they asked and my best attempt at answering them: Pratikshit Baruah asks “What is the best source to learn AI? With a limited Read more about How college students are starting up with AI.[…]

How Instagram builds a world of love with just photos

The economics of world building are hard I used to think that Instagram is just a photo uploading app and I now realize that how mistaken I really was. It’s easy to assume that – you can upload a picture, tag your friends, and shoot it out. But if Instagram was just that, it wouldn’t Read more about How Instagram builds a world of love with just photos[…]

Why React is winning and how you can win with it?

React.js is the king in the north.  Angular is still the reigning champion of front end frameworks, but React is the most loved. And there are particular reasons to it. I made the jump from using Angular 1.x to Angular 2 earlier this year and then to React. The experience and developer productivity that I Read more about Why React is winning and how you can win with it?[…]

Why all software engineers should learn AI?

  One skill that every software engineer should have is the ability to adapt.  When I was in first year of my college, I was told that PHP is the rage.  By the time I had reached the second year, PHP was already a thing of the past and people were mocking single page applications Read more about Why all software engineers should learn AI?[…]

Why I started tech blogging?

Ahoy, ahoy! Welcome to my very exciting new project — myself. It’s been about 24 years in development and has had a few private betas before, but now I think I’m gearing up for some sort of a production ready version of myself. Jokes apart, let’s talk about some interesting things fit for a first Read more about Why I started tech blogging?[…]